Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark eye circles can affect anyone irrespective of their age and ethnicity. Ageing, Genetics and lifestyle factors could be a major reason behind it. Few other reasons could be nutrient deficiencies, allergies or underlying health conditions.

We are leading provider of non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. This treatment will help get rid of dark circles. It helps to promote blood circulation and cleanse the toxins thereby, ensuring that the dark eye circles are treated naturally.

At Kolors:

  • Our experienced dermatologists use advanced technologies to treat superficial as well as deep pigmentation around the eyes. They even address vascularity which helps in reduction of the darkness under eyes and help fade wrinkles and fine lines too.
  • If there exists superficial pigmentation, our dermatologists may use different chemical peels to reduce the darkness under the eyes.
  • Our expert dermatologists use glycolic acid, lactic acid and trichloroacetic acid in an appropriate quantity so that they can treat peri orbital and infra orbital dark circles.
  • Our treatment also helps in eliminating the tired look as well as lowering the shadowing effect.
  • Our certified dermatologists perform advanced aesthetic treatment by using the hyaluronic acid fillers, so that they can fill the tear troughs or hollowness under the eyes


We provide perfect under eye dark circle treatment that you always wish to have. It is far more effective than home remedies and it takes around 2-4 weeks of time to find considerable impact on the skin. The results of the above treatment are permanent if good care of the skin is taken after the treatment. After the treatment, you will have no under eye dark circles and your skin tone would look even The above treatment is safe and absolutely without side effects.

Know about the under eye dark circles treatment Procedure:

How we help you get even skin tone?

First Step

When you visit Kolors, our dermatologists would analyze your skin under the eyes thoroughly. After analyzing your skin carefully they would suggest you customized solutions which would help you get better results. Even after the treatment, you can seek the assistance of our dermatologists to maintain even and radiant skin tone.

Why Kolors?

  • Experienced in-house team of certified dermatologists
  • Specialized services that include the latest technologies.
  • Trained & Experienced beauty therapists
  • 1,000,500+ happy customers & still counting
  • 16 years in Business, offering advanced treatments & therapies

Awards & Recognitions

  • Most Trusted Slimming & Beauty Treatment in India
  • Best Aesthetic Player of the year –South
  • Outstanding entrepreneur in beauty & fitness industry in South India 2018

Frequently asked Questions:

Why getting rid of dark circles are important?

Getting rid of dark circles is important because it can make you appear tired or fatigued even if not so. It also makes you look older. Such an appearance can hamper both your professional as well as personal life.

When you must opt for dark circles treatment rather than home remedies?

Home remedies along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and quality sleep can help reduce dark circles. But sometimes treatment for under eye dark circle becomes necessary if home remedies are not giving the expected results.

Is there any side effect for the above treatment?

No, absolutely there is no side effect. This treatment is both safe and natural. When appropriate care is taken with moisturisation of the skin underneath the eyes the condition does not relapse.

Does this treatment offer lasting result?

Yes, the above treatment offers lasting results provided you take appropriate care post treatment.

Does lack of sleep is the first thing to blame for dark circles under eyes?

No, lack of sleep cannot be the first thing to be blamed for dark circles under eyes. The other reasons include excessive sun exposure, pigmentation irregularities, aging, fatigue, genetics, a topic dermatitis, dehydration and habit of rubbing eyes.