Getting rid of dark circles is important because it can make you appear tired, even if not so. It also makes you look older. Such an appearance can hamper both your professional as well as personal life.

Home remedies and a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and quality sleep can help reduce dark circles. But sometimes treatment for under-eye dark circles becomes necessary if home remedies are not giving the expected results.

No, there is no side effect. This treatment is both safe and natural. When appropriate care is taken with moisturisation of the skin underneath the eyes the condition does not relapse.

The above treatment offers lasting results, provided you take appropriate care post-treatment.

No, lack of sleep cannot be the first thing to be blamed for dark circles under the eyes. The other reasons include excessive sun exposure, pigmentation irregularities, aging, fatigue, genetics, dermatitis, dehydration, and the habit of rubbing eyes.

Laser treatment can help treat many types of scars. Yes, the results largely depend on the dermatologists' treatment skills. All our dermatologists are well-trained and experienced to assist you in getting better results.

If an individual shows up for laser treatment having a tan or sunburn, the dermatologists cannot treat you. The laser could discolor your skin or cause a serious burn. After undergoing laser treatment, one must protect their skin from the sun until their skin heals. If the sun's harmful rays fall on your treated skin, it can develop another scar.

If an individual has oily skin, it may lead to acne, which leaves deep scars. These scars impact natural beauty, making the individual less confident.

Kolors offers effective customized scar removal treatments that would match your skin type. Join Kolors and eliminate your scars successfully.

The Results depend upon the individuals, and improvement can be significantly witnessed as the treatment progresses.

Kolors scar removal treatment differs from others as it is completely based on skin type. Hence, dermatologists advise varied treatments to help your skin look flawless and smooth.

The skin ageing is caused mainly due to two factors: intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The above two factors can be divided into three main categories: biological, environmental, and mechanical. Natural is an inherent factor, environment is extrinsic one while mechanical ageing is the result of repeated behavior like frowning, smiling and squinting.

Yes, skin ageing is associated with the loss of skin moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of our skin that helps maintain skin elasticity and strength. As we grow old, the above acid's level in the skin decreases, thus making our skin look both dry and rough.

The early signs of ageing include:

  • Visible pores.
  • Uneven and dull skin tone.
  • Dry and rough skin texture and age spots.

The advanced stage of ageing signs includes volume loss, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

We offer our clients various customized solutions, including collagen building, micro derma peels, and skin tightening services. The treatment tends to work from deep within, which will help boost the collagen, fill wrinkles, and tighten the sagging skin to look natural.

Kolors wrinkle treatment is very effective. We use advanced techniques such as Fillers and Botox, which are nonsurgical and safe.

The early signs of ageing can be treated using a combination of products as well as services. In contrast, the advanced signs of ageing can be treated using both specialized as well as customized treatment along with dermatological expertise and care.

The two essential skin components include Elastin and Collagen, which hold the skin together. Elastin offers elasticity to the skin, whereas collagen provides firmness. As we grow old, constant dynamic changes occur in both the components of Elastin as well as in collagen, thus making it thick, brittle and inelastic. This condition is revealed in the form of wrinkles and sagging.

The early signs of ageing include dry and rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, dull skin, and visible and age spots.

The advanced signs of ageing include sagging skin, volume loss, formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

As each skin is unique, their needs are different. Hence, specialized and customized plans are essential.

Kolors offers varied anti-ageing treatments that will suit a particular skin type. All these treatments are very advanced.

No, there are no side effects.

One can witness improvement within ten days of the treatment.

No, moisturizing your skin will not cause acne. But it would help if you found the right moisturizer that would suit your acne-prone skin so you will not end up having clogged pores.

Deep indentations and permanent textural changes remain on the skin's surface.

If you feel that your cosmetics could be the reason for your blemishes, then stop wearing makeup and see the change. If you notice improvements, avoid makeup or opt for free under our trained professionals.

One must remember that your skin is a reflection of your overall health. If you follow a nutritious diet, you can keep yourself healthy both inside and outside.

The major causes of hair fall include improper diet, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, hereditary and genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance.

No, our Anti Hair Fall treatment is quite affordable. You can prevent excessive hair fall and increase the volume of your hair with our treatment.

Yes, early action is the most effective step. If you take the Anti Hair Fall treatment as an earlier action, hair loss gets reduced, retention of hair takes place, and at the same time, the thickness and volume of hair increase.

If you have healthy and strong hair and have noticed sudden excess hair shedding, you must not delay getting in touch with dermatologists to treat your hair fall.

Yes, our hair fall treatment is suitable for all hair types. Individuals who have crossed 18 years of age can avail of the treatment.

The treatment offered by Kolors is scientifically formulated after undertaking thorough research with unmatched efficacy. Our solutions will stimulate natural hair growth. Additionally, we offer the best nutritional chart, including a detoxification regime.

The reasons could be many; some of them include improper diet, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress-induced hair loss, hereditary and genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance.

No, our PRP treatment is affordable. It helps treat baldness and also conditions such as receding hairline.

Yes, early action is the most effective step for PRP treatment; this would help cure baldness effectively and treat conditions such as a receding hairline and get the desired outcome quickly in a short time.

Yes, our PRP is suitable for all; the client's platelet, Rich Plasma, generates new hair. The above treatment will help improve the hair thickness of the scalp.

Our experts will decide how many PRP sessions are needed based on the percentage of hair loss. One may need around 7-10 sessions, and each session would be around 35 to 45 minutes.

Kolors is an industry leader; they have a team of medical experts who will analyze the root cause of your hair problem. We use advanced techniques and closely monitor client responses to achieve desired results.

Yes, lost hair can be restored with the help of a hair transplantation procedure. This procedure is also helpful in altering one's hairline or acquiring an attractive mane.

Individuals undergoing the early stages of patterned hair loss are advised to undergo PRP. Still, for those who are undergoing an extreme stage of baldness, hair transplantation is suggested.

Individuals may experience a few side effects, such as swelling, numbness, pain and itching. These side effects are temporary, lasting not more than a day.

Yes, you will get natural-looking hair growth, as we have the artistry and expertise. We assist you in having the best natural-looking hair growth.

We charge as per the number of grafts. And offer our clients discounts with monthly EMI's, which would be easy on the client's pocket.

You can witness your transplanted hair growth in 3 to 12 months. The results may vary from one individual to another.

Weak hair can be defined as thin, floppy, limp or falling out. The other symptoms include extreme dryness, split ends, and excessive oiliness, which are all signs of weak hair.

The most common complaint, especially among women, is weak hair. One of the major causes could be genetics; other causes could be chemical processes such as colouring; wearing the same style often can put pressure on the hair, making it weak in the same spot. Sometimes, your actions may be one of the causes of soft hair.

If you had healthy and strong hair earlier and suddenly noticed your hair has become weak and prone to damage and shedding, you must contact dermatologists to treat your soft hair.

You can make your hair strong and healthy by treating your hair with care. Try to avoid using chemical processing for colouring your hair; go for a semi-permanent or temporary formula without ammonia so that it will help retain moisture in your hair. One must also try to avoid heated styling tools, which can lead to breakage and weakness, limit your usage, or apply the needed heat to get the desired style you wish to flaunt.

Yes, early action is the most effective step for hair-strengthening treatment; this would help prevent hair loss. If you take early action, you will be able to keep more hair.

No, our hair-strengthening treatments are not expensive; they are quite affordable. You can start to prevent weak and damaged hair.

The common name for Dandruff is Seborrheic dermatitis. It is a condition that causes red, flaky and itchy skin on the scalp. The skin produces extra cells which, when they die and fall, tend to get mixed with the oil present in the scalp and hair, resulting in the formation of Dandruff.

After completely analyzing the hair, we offer the best anti-dandruff treatment, which addresses the core Scalp issues such as dry and itchy scalp. Our treatment also helps in strengthening the hair follicles.

Yes, the above factors could cause Dandruff. It can happen when you use a flat iron to straighten your hair or regularly blow dry it.

Dandruff, when left untreated, will result in the scalp becoming itchy and inflamed. This may cause temporary hair loss, too. You can prevent Dandruff by following proper and regular haircare regimes and using home remedies. Despite all this care, if Dandruff persists, consult us immediately.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that helps permanent hair reduction on your body. The laser light penetrates the hair follicles so they can completely stop hair re-growth.

Anyone whose age is 18 or older can avail of this treatment; however, lactating women, as well as pregnant women and those who are still in their puberty, must not opt for this treatment.

No side effects have been reported except for mild redness, which tends to subside in half an hour to an hour post-treatment.

The laser hair removal treatment is very effective. Hair growth on the treated part would be considerably reduced, and the skin would become soft, smooth, and hair-free.

No, the laser hair removal procedure is comparatively less painful when compared to other hair removal procedures such as waxing, threading or electrolysis.

The success rate of laser hair removal is around 80 to 95%. About 60-70% of men and 80- 85% of females opt for the above treatment.

No, it is just a myth; laser hair removal is a revolutionary technology. It offers numerous benefits. People think it is expensive, but those who have availed of it have been surprised to know how effective laser hair removal is compared to all other traditional methods.

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