Wrinkle Treatment

As we grow old, the most common indication of losing one’s youth is getting wrinkles. Many tend to experiment with varied home remedies to reduce wrinkles, but sometimes these home remedies are not effective.

At Kolors, we firmly believe that a holistic approach is essential as well as crucial in treating and keeping ageing at bay. We are aware, each skin is different and it needs special care, hence we offer both specialized and customized solutions based on the skin type and concern. We provide non-invasive and non-surgical procedures that are very popular across the world and it is safe to use. Our dermatologists are highly experienced and they follow strict protocols for safety, comfort and hygiene.

At Kolors:

  • We offer more options to our clients to restore or preserve the smooth looking skin.
  • With our non-invasive procedure, one would begin to observe the difference in skin in a short time. In the end the skin would look more youthful, smoother and wrinkle free.
  • The procedures take only a few minutes and after the procedure one can resume regular activities.
  • If you are looking to improve your radiance and smoothen the complexion, the anti-wrinkle injections are definitely a great option to explore
  • Our treatments are quite affordable and offer very good results.


Reduction in skin elasticity and losing skin firmness Pigmentation disorders such as uneven pigmentation and age spots Skin becomes more drier and looks very dull and even radiance is lost Fine lines and wrinkles are formed Increased fragility due to trauma, which in turn creates rashes and bruises

Know about the Wrinkle Treatment Procedure:

How we can help you get Young than your age?

First Step

When you visit Kolors, our dermatologists would analyze your wrinkled skin thoroughly. After analyzing the skin type they would suggest customized solutions which would help you look younger. After the treatment, you can seek the assistance of our dermatologists to maintain younger looking skin naturally.

Why Kolors?

  • Experienced in-house team of certified dermatologists
  • Specialized services that include the latest technologies.
  • Trained & Experienced beauty therapists
  • 1,000,500+ happy customers & still counting
  • 16 years in Business , offering advanced treatments and therapies

Awards & Recognitions

  • Most Trusted Slimming & Beauty Treatment in India
  • Best Aesthetic Player of the year –South
  • Outstanding entrepreneur in beauty & fitness industry in South India 2018

Frequently asked Questions about Wrinkle Treatment:

What causes skin ageing?

The skin ageing is caused mainly due to two factors: intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The above two factors can be divided into three main categories: biological, environmental and mechanical. Biological is an intrinsic factor, environment is extrinsic one while mechanical ageing is the result of repeated behavior like frowning, smiling and squinting.

Is skin ageing associated with loss of skin moisture?

Yes, skin ageing is associated with the loss of skin moisture. The Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of our skin that helps maintain skin elasticity as well as strength. As we grow old, the above acid’s level in the skin decreases thus making our skin look both dry as well as rough.

What are the early signs of ageing and advance stage of ageing?

The early signs of ageing include visible pores, uneven and dull skin tone, dry and rough skin texture and age spots. The advanced stage of ageing signs include volume loss, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the varied customized solutions offered to the client while offering wrinkle treatment?

We offer our clients various customized solutions that include collagen building, micro derma peels and skin tightening services. The treatment tends to work from deep within, which will help in boosting the collagen, filling wrinkles and tightening the sagging skin to look natural.

How effective is the Kolors wrinkle treatment?

Kolors wrinkle treatment is very effective. We use different advanced techniques such as Fillers and Botox, which are non surgical and very safe.

How early signs of ageing and advanced stages of aging treated?

The early signs of ageing can be treated using a combination of products as well as services; whereas the advanced signs of ageing can be treated using both specialized as well as customized treatment along with dermatological expertise and care.