Dream of having Fair Skin? Opt for Fairness treatment

A radiant and bright complexion helps build one’s confidence & self-esteem. It increases positive vibes and offers a healthy feel. We offer advanced fairness treatment by using varied proven techniques. We do not use harsh chemical agents and substances.

Is your skin lost its glow? It is difficult to quantify as to why your skin has lost its glow. The damage could be due to tan or due to pimples or due to overexposure to the sun. We are a one –stop solution, we offer most advanced fairness treatment for concerns relating to pigmentation, be it age spots, blemishes or tanning.

Choose Kolors:

  • Our doctors are aware everyone’s skin is unique and after analyzing your skin, they will offer you customized solutions to meet your skin needs.
  • The beauty therapist gets regular training time to time, so that they get updated with latest techniques.
  • Comprehensive, holistic and analytical approach
  • Our Advanced skin solutions, be it fairness treatment or others are designed to best efficacy


Gives you tone lighter than one you were born with The above treatment helps treat hyper pigmentation Increases Skin radiance by removing dead skin Help fix blemishes on your skin Makes your skin look Vibrant, Refreshed & Beautiful

Know about the Fairness Treatment Procedure:

How we can help you Get Fair & Radiant Skin?

First Step

Once you step inside our clinic, our dermatologists who are both experienced and certified undertake a thorough analysis so that, they can understand more about your unique skin and lifestyle. After analyzing they offer customized solutions to meet your varied skin needs.

Why Kolors?

  • Experienced in-house team of certified dermatologists
  • Specialized services that include the latest technologies and effective ingredients
  • Trained & Experienced beauty therapists
  • 1,000,500+ happy customers & still counting
  • 16 years in Business & 52 branches
  • We have around 52 branches and still counting

Awards & Recognitions

  • Most Trusted Slimming & Beauty Treatment in India
  • Best Aesthetic Player of the year –South
  • Outstanding entrepreneur in beauty & fitness industry in South India 2018

Frequently asked Questions on Fairness Treatment:

How many sessions are needed and how long is each session?

In General, to attain optimum results, on an average nearing to six sessions are needed and each session would be around for 30 minutes. After completion of all the sessions, maintenance session would be required, monthly.

Is Fairness Treatment permanent solution?

The effects of the Fairness Treatment last between a few months to a few years, depending upon the proper skin care and maintenance.

Can skin peeling help get the fairer skin?

To get a fair skin tone, different techniques are followed and skin peeling is one of them.