Acne Scars Reduction Treatments

Acne scars are indentations as a result of textural changes of skin due to severe acne. Pricking and squeezing acne can increase the risk of scarring. The Various treatment Options at Kolors like Derma roller, PRP, collagen inducing growth factors, Advanced Skin Lasers provide excellent improvement of this conditon

Most of us in some point of our life would have faced this skin condition. As per study, acne is the most common skin problem and it effects approximately 200 to 300 million people between the age group of 12 to 25 years. In recent times, it has been found that, even people who have crossed 25years too are experiencing acne due to stress, lifestyle, pollution, hormonal imbalance etc.

Advantages of Acne Treatment:

  • Suitable for all forms of acne
  • No adverse or long term side effects
  • By far, the best & practical treatment
  • Help reduce redness & inflammation


After in-depth analysis by our experienced and well qualified dermatologists, we advise our clients, as to which treatment would best suit them. With world class facilities and advanced technologies Kolors help you have wonderful results We are aware that one size does not fit all; hence we offer customized treatment to suit individual needs. We always make sure that optimal treatment parameters are followed. Our client-centric approach as well as value pricing helps enhances positive experience. Our Advanced skin solutions, be it Acne treatment or others are designed to provide optimum efficacy

Treatment Procedure to help you get Acne Free Skin:

How we can help you get Acne Free Skin

First Step

Our dermatologists will analyze your which is acne-prone skin where after the root cause of the acne problem is found and then customized solutions are provided. The clients while taking the treatment usually notice significant improvement.

Why Kolors?

  • Experienced in-house team of certified dermatologists
  • Specialized services that include the latest technologies and effective products.
  • Trained & Experienced beauty therapists
  • 1,000,500+ happy customers & still counting
  • 16 years in Business, offering advanced treatments & therapies

Awards & Recognitions

  • Most Trusted Slimming & Beauty Treatment in India
  • Best Aesthetic Player of the year –South
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur in Beauty & Fitness industry in South India 2018

Frequently asked Questions on Acne Treatment:

Does Moisturizing skin cause acne?

No, moisturizing your skin will not cause acne. But you must find a right moisturizer which would suit your acne-prone skin, so that you will not end up having clogging pores.

What are Acne scars?

They are deep indentations and permanent textural changes which remain on the skin surface.

Should I stop using makeup if I have acne?

If you feel that your cosmetic could be the reason for your blemishes, then stop wearing makeup and see the change. If you notice improvements then avoid makeup or opt for free makeup under our trained professionals.

Does eating greasy food cause acne?

One must remember that your skin is a reflection of your overall health. If you follow a nutritious diet, then you can keep yourself healthy both inside and outside as well.