PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Your hair is your crown and glory; everyone desires to flaunt healthy, well nourished and strong hair. This makes them feel to be on the top of the world and also very optimistic. Only a few are blessed with strong hair and full hair. Mainly due to hectic life style and pollution people are losing hair at an early age than before. PRP treatment has come to the rescue of all those who wish to re-grow their lost hair and get back the confidence. PRP Treatment is a real blessing to whoever are on the verge of getting bald. It also cures conditions such as a receding hairline.

PRP treatment is safe. The above procedure helps in stimulating the damaged hair follicles to grow naturally. The above treatment can be availed by both, men and women. The individuals own Platelet rich Plasma is used to regenerate new hair. This will help in improving the hair thickness of the scalp.

At Kolors:

  • Best hair regrowth treatment for every budget
  • Highly qualified & experienced dermatologists
  • Effective and natural looking results
  • Thousands of satisfied clients


Faster results Regain your lost confidence Less chance of hair shedding after treatment Improve your overall look

Know about the PRP Procedure:

How we help Re grow strong and healthy hair?

First Step

When you visit Kolors, our dermatologists would perform various tests. After analyzing the test results they would suggest you customized solutions which would help you achieve natural looking hair regrowth. Even after the treatment, you can seek the assistance of our dermatologists for follow up sessions.

Why Kolors?

  • Experienced in-house team of certified dermatologists
  • Specialized services that include the latest technologies.
  • Trained & Experienced beauty therapists
  • 1,000,500+ happy customers & still counting
  • 16 years in Business, offering advanced treatments & therapies.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Most Trusted Slimming & Beauty Treatment in India
  • Best Aesthetic Player of the year –South
  • Outstanding entrepreneur in beauty & fitness industry in South India 2018

Frequently asked Questions:

Why hair fall occurs?

The reasons could be many, some of them include improper diet, fatigue, lack of sleep, and stress induced hair loss, hereditary and genetic predisposition and hormonal imbalance.

Is the PRP treatment expensive?

No, our PRP treatment is affordable. It helps treat baldness and also treats conditions such as receding hair line.

Is early action most effective step for PRP treatment?

Yes, early action is most effective step for PRP treatment; this would help cure baldness effectively and treat conditions such as a receding hairline and get desired results in short time.

Is Treatment suitable for all?

Yes, our PRP is suitable for all, the clients own platelet Rich Plasma is used for generating new hair. The above treatment will help improve hair thickness of the scalp.

One needs how many PRP sessions and what is the duration?

Our experts will decide as to how many PRP sessions are needed based on the percentage of hair loss. One may need around 7-10 sessions and each session would be around for 35 to 45 minutes.

Why one must choose Kolors for PRP?

Kolors is an industry leader; they have a team of medical experts who will analyze the root cause of your hair problem. We use very advanced techniques and closely monitor client’s response to achieve desired results.