Anti Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is the result of skin condition or dry scalp known as Seborrheic dermatitis. It often causes irritability and embarrassment. That’s not all; it makes the scalp, flaky and itchy. When you scratch, you will find white flake falling from your scalp. These white flakes are dead skin. When compared to women, men are more prone to dandruff concerns. The exact cause of Dandruff is not known. One of the theories is lined to hormone production which begins during puberty.

Our Anti Dandruff treatment will help achieve dandruff free, healthy and strong hair. The above treatment is very effective and long lasting. That’s not all; our dermatologists will help you follow a proper regime for your hair, so that your dandruff condition does not relapse.

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Reduces itching & flaking Helps regain lost confidence Reduces irritation & redness of the scalp Improves your overall look

Our Anti Dandruff Procedure to help you achieve Dandruff Free Hair:

How we can help you achieve Dandruff Free Hair

First Step

When you visit our centre, our dermatologists would perform relevant tests. After analyzing the results they would suggest customized solutions which would help you achieve hair regrowth. Even after the treatment, you can seek the assistance of our dermatologists for follow up sessions.

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Frequently asked Questions about Anti Dandruff Treatment :

What causes Dandruff?

The common name for Dandruff is Seborrheic dermatitis. It is a condition that causes red, flaky and itchy skin on the scalp. The skin produces extra cells which when die and fall tend to get mixed with the oil present in the scalp and hair resulting in the formation of dandruff.

Does washing your hair with hot water cause dandruff?

Yes, washing your hair with hot water can cause dandruff since hot water dries out the scalp by removing the moisture and essential oils.

How Anti Dandruff treatment offered by Kolors differs from others?

After completely analyzing the hair we offer best Anti Dandruff treatment which addresses the core Scalp issues such as dry and itchy scalp. Our treatment also helps in strengthening the hair follicles.

Does blow drying or straightening the hair cause dandruff?

Yes the above factors could be the cause of dandruff, particularly when you use a flat iron to straighten your hair or regularly blow dry your hair.

Can dandruff result in hair loss?

Dandruff when left untreated will result in the scalp becoming itchy and inflamed. This may cause temporary hair loss too. You can prevent dandruff, by following proper and regular haircare regime, and usage of home remedies. In spite of all this care, if dandruff still persists, consult us immediately.