Natural and Herbal Ways To Lighten Hair

Blondes are always complaining that the rude “blonde jokes” they have to face from utter jealousy about their beautiful golden hair. And of course, they are right.

Black hair can be silky and shiny. Brunette hair is pretty attractive too. But nothing beats a blonde.

Throughout the ages, men and women who have not been favored by nature to have golden tresses and locks have searched for ways to lighten their hair color to reach that unattainable blonde hue. The modern day chemist has turned this search into a profitable venture, and now millions of blonde hair dyes jam the shelves in the supermarket. Then, of course, there is the famous peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide, a rather dangerous chemical, can bleach hair blonde – or rather, a pale, distinctly fake color that has given rise to the term “peroxide blonde.”

Some of these dyes are better than the others. Some of these can, indeed, transform your hair to the shimmering, god-like golden sheen you are looking for. The others will just make your hair look dirty.

But the truth is this – all of these dyes come with side effects. Starting from the common hair loss to general hair quality deterioration, to even effects like skin disease, hair dyes are a product few people can use without feeling concern for their precious hair. Hydrogen peroxide, though a very effective bleach for hair, will leave you with dry, lifeless hair that is very hard to style. Additionally, it is a poisonous and explosive.

So how can you reach clean looking, healthy, enviable pale hair -minus the nasty side effects?

Enter natural solutions.

It may be hard to believe, but with just a few natural ingredients that you probably have at home, you can give your hair the pale, beautiful color you have always looked for.

Let us see what these magic ingredients are:

Lemon: The flavorful, sweet smelling lemon carries within its tangy skin the ability to bleach your hair to the perfect color. If you have dirty blonde or light brown hair, you can easily use lemon to bleach to that unreachable platinum color. It’s quite simple. You take a bottle full of two parts lemon juice and one part water, and sprinkle on your hair, or highlight a few strands – depending on what you are looking for. Then take a nice long sunbath. Within a week of this simple procedure, you will see your hair staring to go pale.

This works because of the acids in the lemon, which can naturally lighten up the dark pigments in your hair.

The acids in lemon, however, can leave your hair somewhat dry, so remember to use a conditioner afterwards.

Chamomile tea: Like lemon, chamomile tea, too has the ability to naturally lighten the pigments in your hair, making it pale. To use it, first brew a strong pot of chamomile tea for at least half an hour, and then let it cool. Add about 5 tablespoons to a conditioner, and store the rest of the tea in a bottle. When washing your hair, use the chamomile tea instead of your regular shampoo. Then condition with the conditioner you mixed.

Chamomile tea works slowly, so be patient and keep applying it until you reach the results you desire.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a truly magic ingredient for bleaching hair. It can make your hair significantly lighter, without any side effects that dyes would normally give for the same results. Here is how to use it: ground up about 3 table spoons of cinnamon, and mix it with a few tablespoons of your favorite conditioner. Then apply the conditioner on your hair, making sure to cover evenly. Put on a shower cap and leave this mixture on for four hours (or overnight). Repeat the process to maintain color, or reach the color you desire.

Honey: Honey actually contains a small bit of hydrogen peroxide. The amount is so tiny that using honey will not give you the damaged, dead hair that a high concentration peroxide solution is bound to. But it can lighten your hair, and as a plus, it is great for the hair and the scalp too. You can apply it by mixing 1/3rd cup with 1/4th cup of a conditioner, and keeping it on overnight. It doesn’t work very fast, and isn’t too powerful, so try mixing this method with the others for a faster, better results.

These natural solutions will give you a healthy way to get the pale hair you always desired.

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